Mediproma is your partner for all sorts of medical projects. From start to finish. We work together with companies which have much experience with logistics and customs. Together with our knowledge of medical equipment and the expers for (de)installation, your project is in safe hands.

We work with a relatively small, but motivated team. You are always in direct contact with the person responsible, which assures a clear communication. Project management must be well organized and structured. We will report the progression of the project continuously. Mediproma knows quick handling is important in our business. You can be sure our focus is on your project and never lose the goal out of sight.

The term 'rigging' refers to the internal transportation of heavy products. This may be your device or product with specific requirements. Sometimes a device needs to be relocated within a building. This requires more than a thorough approach, it also calls for expertise and the required level of capacity.

Mediproma is capable and has high quality tools to move heavy parts. Combined with a lot of experiences we know how to handle a MRI, a CT, X-ray rooms or other heavy / special Medical Equipment. We have placed several times a Bio Generator in places around the world. On the photos below you see some examples of projects. Take also a look at the projects page. Please do not hesitate to ask for our advice or help with this kind of special transport!

We guarantee safe and professional shipping of your product. We do this for example by 'crating'. This means that we dismantle our products and make them ready for transport in special (wooden) crates. These crates are tailor-made, which shows our quality of transporting. We do not just focus on medically related products; you can also rely on us for crating and packing other technical devices.

Because of many projects, we have gained knowledge and experience to ship to all places around the world. And because we learn, we like to do this for you as well! We make all documents which are needed and take care from warehouse to delivery address. All kinds of shipping are possible like road, water or by air.

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