Now and then we meet companies/brands which are looking for a dealer for their products. When we're convinced their assortiment is of great value for our business, we're more than happy to work together. With this in mind, we started with selling MDF Instruments from the beginning of 2016.

MDF Instruments
MDF LOGO TOPMDF is an American manufacturer since 1971 of advanced handcrafted stethoscopes, high quality sphygmomanometer and other equipment. With 220 employees divided over 3 continents they deliver in more than 85 countries. Their confidence in their own products is great and they show it in their warranty terms. Like for all stethoscopes MDF gives a lifetime warranty. And if you miss a part, MDF will send it to you for free. Also the rest of their equipment is delivered with attractive conditions.

MDF products

Are you looking for a dealer?
Are you a medical manufacturer and looking for a dealer for your assortment? Please contact us. Mediproma has a wide network in The Netherlands and places all over the world, which may be of great value for you.

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