Used Medical Equipment

Whenever valuable medical equipment can function again at another location, it represents a win-win situation, according to Mediproma. A product can be used again and at the same time we respond to the need for medical equipment in other parts of the world. In doing this we contribute to medical development worldwide.

Used medical equipment

Dealing in used medical devices is our core business. Many medical companies and institutions own devices which, due to circumstances, are not in use anymore, but still have a value. If these devices are really valuable, we see good opportunities. Thanks to a worldwide international network we can respond to the need for medical devices. We are pleased to help our relations, in finding a new destination for their devices.

Mediproma has its own conditioned storage facilities. This means we can temporarily store devices and we also have items in stock. We would be pleased to visit your organisation to inspect your devices. Mediproma has a lot of knowledge about medical equipment, and we handle correctly and thoroughly with the medical devices we take over. This means for example we remove all personal and location-bound information from devices, before we sell this to a new user.
Our knowledge of medical devices enables us to test devices appropriately. We believe in the importance of quality products.

How it works

When a hospital has an unused valuable device we will come and take a look and collect every possible information. Of course the hospital can give us themselves also the information!

dotmed2Than we will do a bid within a short time. After acceptation we will communicate about the following process. In the mean time we try to find a new user. To find a new owner we often use the international website That is a platform for buying and selling used medical equipment. Each day more than 19.000 people are visiting this website for used equipment and used medical parts or service. Check out our medical equipment here. Mediproma has built up a lot of contacts to sell the equipment so do not hesitate to contact us! Know we are looking for the best solution for you!

We welcome you at our office

Reliability and good communication are also essential values in our way of working. We do business with dealers allover the world, in order to find new users for our products.
It gives us an extra drive whenever we can make a contribution to the local medical development. If you are interested in our products you can view our range on our website, but you are also very welcome to have a look in our storage facilities in Alblasserdam. We look forward to welcome you at our office and would be pleased to help you with any question you may have.

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